[Who is Bruja Jess?]

I’m Jess.

Bruja is Spanish for “witch”. My grandmother emigrated from Mexico when she was a child so I do come from a Mexican background, but I am not a practicing witch as in somebody who is pagan or wiccan, but I’m pretty certain once upon a time I would have been burned at the stake. 🙂  I am fiercely passionate about essential oils, herbs, and natural healing.  Since I was a little girl I’ve talked about wanting to become a “witch doctor” when I grew up.  I feel a connection to the indigenous medicine women, midwives, and healers of old.  I hope to share that energy with my readers.

I write occasionally.
I have this delusion of becoming a consistent writer one day, but for now it’s just when I have something to say.
I’m a mommy, wife, aunt, and sister.
My household consists of myself, my husband, and our four year old daughter.
My degree is in History.
I’m working on my Master’s (MAT) in Education, but I find myself questioning that decisions daily.
Music is my medicine.
Future dreadlocked homesteader.

Right now my life is in a place of transition.  I’m looking for my first career-oriented job as a teacher and finishing grad school.  I’m also currently trying to decide what schooling option is right for my daughter.  I really just want to open a Montessori school if I can’t homeschool her.  Expect to read about my indecision on the blog.

You may have known me from my former blog www.thealtmommy.wordpress.com All of those posts are on this one now.  I’m still getting all of my social media accounts switched over so in the mean time if you need to contact me email me at thealtmommy@gmail.com


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