The Lion’s Gate Channeling

I haven’t channeled in forever. For weeks I’ve seen 111’s, 1111’s, and 444’s. I haven’t felt especially guided so I was confused. The numerical signs that have for so long reminded me that I was on the right path were appearing, but I did not feel that I was on any sort of path at all. Maybe there was no path because I was finally blazing my own trail.  I’ve been meditating on the Lion’s Gate opening. I longed to “feel” a part of something again.  I kept being drawn to places and times that felt so distant, yet right at home. I opened my heartmindbody to whatever the Universe would reveal to me.

I wrote a few words for some reason that I still can’t determine.  “I don’t believe in the transference of souls directly from body to body. The idea of the eternal, immutable soul fails to resonate. I believe our multiple lives arise out of the timeless nature of the atoms from which we are built.” Nothing special there, just a brief agnostic meditation.

Then the warm feeling. The tingles. The knowing that I’m simply a vessel through which this message must enter.  This is what my higher self wants me to share:

“Forged in the belly of creation herself, we are the cognition of the divine — little gods looking out from the inside.  Of course you feel connected to times and places you’ve never seen. They appear unrelated — all that which draws you in, but you see, beautiful one, everything connects.  You have always been.  Don’t cower from anything which ignites the flames of your passion for life.  Your cells are remembering, awakening, transforming.”

And it was gone. The perfectionist and the author in me are both having to release their frustrations over this seemingly incomplete paragraph.  All in divine timing, things will reveal themselves.