A Few Quick Word on Ferguson

There appears to be a collective amnesia across much of America right now.  Have we forgotten that there is precedent for taking down actual armed killers, mass murderers even, without the use of deadly force?  Are the people we “trust” (and I use that word so loosely) to “protect” (Loose wording, once again) us so incompetent and full of fear that the mere appearance of a young, black male engaged in petty crime brings out a homicidal rage?

Think of all of the mass murderers who were apprehended and brought to trial, people like Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes, whose violence is indisputable.  They were given a fair trial.  I don’t care what your opinion is.  I don’t care if you believe that Michael Brown had his hands up and was completely innocent or if you see him as public enemy #1 the big bad black boy who was a thief and was attempting to assault an officer of the law.  That is irrelevant.  We have a justice system in place.  No individual should be allowed to be judge, jury, and executioner.  Even if that individual is white, carrying a badge, and alone with a black “thug”. (Their wording. Not mine.)

I’m disgusted.  I have one minor point to address.  None of us were in the room with the grand jury yesterday, but if the news reports during the time were true, the grand jury looked over more evidence than is typically shown.  For those of you who don’t follow law closely, a grand jury convenes to determine if there is enough evidence to bring forward an indictment.  They are typically shown the best evidence that is the most damning to the defendant.  From what I’ve heard reported yesterday, the grand jury was shown all of the evidence in the case.  This is not customary.  Is there anything you or I can do about this? Of course not.  I’m just tossing it out there as one more symptom of a very sick system.


RecoveryBITS Winner!

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The Medicine Woman Got Sick

Around the time that I was starting the process of moving from my old blog to this one, I received an email from Energy BITS inquiring as to whether or not I would be interested in trying their Recovery BITS product.  I said yes thinking that I would use them as an immune supplement or that at the least I would have a good excuse to have a few glasses of wine because they are advertised as a whole-food supplement that be taken as a preventive measure, to combat an illness, or to avoid the tiredness, dehydration, and fatigue of a hangover.  Little did I know that I was about to come down with a nasty cold!


I originally reviewed Energy BITS back on my The Alt Mommy blog a couple years ago (http://thealtmommy.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/energybits-review-giveaway-and-discount-code/).  You can read all about them there!  Recovery BITS are a little different.  As I said, rather than just being for energy, they help your body to heal.  Like the original Energy BITS, the recovery BITS are also a food, not a supplement.  They can be taken after a workout to aid in recovery as well.

The recommended does is at least 30 tabs.  For my treatment protocol I took 30 tabs each morning for two days.  For the next two days I took a 40 tab dose of energy BITS.  Within three days my cold was completely gone!  I also used essential oils and organic garlic on my feet, but I have never had results like this!  I am still in awe of how quickly I recovered from my cold.

I recommend these to anybody looking for a healthy, whole-food way to help restore and recover your body.  I hope you will enter the rafflecopter giveaway, but even if you don’t end please head to http://www.energybits.com and enter in the promo code “BLOG” to get 10% your order.

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How do you do it?
When did you lose your passion, enthusiasm, and zest for life?
Can you help me lose mine too?

How are people content with being… content?  How do people go to a job they hate and still come home with the ability to put on a smile?  How do people manage to be okay with a life that lacks travel, mystery, and new experiences?

I am not made for this cage.
I need a life filled with passion.
I want to wake up on one continent and fall asleep on another.
I need to make a difference.
I need to feel like I have a purpose.
I need to allow my head to hit the pillow with such exhaustion that I never have trouble sleeping because my days are spent so full of adventure.

But society doesn’t allow that.

Brush your hair. Go to college. Get a good job. Color inside the lines.

But I hate the lines.  I just want them gone altogether.  A tiny prison to hold in all of the color that we should use to paint a lifelong masterpiece.

They always tell me to come down. Get my head out of the clouds.  They try to take my only escape.

So, please, will you show me how to give up so that I can be more like you?
A little more cold like you,
A little more dead like you.

Customizing Education

Let’s have a discussion. Share your thoughts.

In today’s world, technology changes at a pace that our educational institutions cannot keep up with. If any of you have personally or have known someone who majored in a computer science related field you should have a total understanding of this.

In light of this, education required a complete transformation. In Classical education there is the idea that in the earlier grades K or 1 through 4th, children are in the “poll-parrot” stage, that is they are still like little sponges ready to soak up much new information. This is considered the ideal time for teaching facts. I do agree with this aspect of Classical education.

Beyond this stage, I feel, it is most important to teach children HOW to learn. After they learn the rudiments of math, grammar, and science and the basic facts of the social sciences and history, they should then be focused on how to learn. I feel that the best way to do this is through their passions. This was the driving idea behind the educational reform movements of the 1960s which were popularized by John Holt and are the foundation of the democratic Sudbury Schools.

Traditional education says the exact opposite. They continue to teach the same information across the board to all students. Those who aren’t interested in the information likely forget it once the tests have been passed and the course is over.

Is there a way, in public schools with their large classes, to give children this type of education? I fear that there is not. This is what causes the conflict I have about whether or not I should homeschool my child. I’m just curious on what other people feel about this subject.

TheAltMommy takes on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

I was going to make this a Facebook status, but I knew it would be too long.  This may be my only post before I go back into hiatus again.  I just couldn’t keep quiet about this one.

Hobby Lobby argues that providing access to all forms of contraceptives, including IUD’s and the morning after pill, violates their religious beliefs because they believe that life begins at conception.  Even though the science is there to prove that the morning after pill does NOT cause an abortion, the United States Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby because it causes a “substantial burden” to the corporation’s religious beliefs.

Now, where to start with the problems of this verdict?

First of all, the morning after pill is not an aborticacient, nor is any other form of contraceptive covered by the Birth Control Mandate in the Affordable Care Act.  This is a well-known FACT in the medical science community.  It isn’t up for debate at all. In my opinion, if you are even remotely pro-life you should be absolutely in favor of birth control.  You know what prevents abortion?  Not getting pregnant in the first place.  I guess Hobby Lobby hasn’t received that memo yet.

Second, Hobby Lobby does not have any religious beliefs.  Corporations don’t believe anything.  I spent years in the church and reading the Bible, but I do not recall reading about Jesus dying for any corporation’s sin.  I guess they left that part out in our Sunday sermons as well.  The beliefs of the owners should not be forced onto their employees.  Sadly, the Roberts court has shown once again that the rights of corporations trump the rights of actual living beings.

The reasoning behind this decision is that the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act prohibits “Government [from] substantially buren[ing] a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability” (taken from the SCOTUS opinion).  The SCOTUS argues that the RFRA intended to use the dictionary definition of person which includes both flesh-and-blood people and the fictional entity known as corporate personhood in which a corporation can be deemed a legal person.  I beg to differ.  Nobody in 1993 could have foreseen the Roberts court and their pro-corporation right wing extremism.

Your beliefs are just that, YOUR beliefs.  Insurance exists to help cover people’s medical costs.  Your boss should not be able to control the medical procedures that your insurance covers.  Hobby Lobby is a craft store; they aren’t doctors or scientists.  They shouldn’t be able to just pick and choose what is and is not morally acceptable.  The exact same thing can be said about the justices, all of whom are men, that ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby.

We all need to live and let live.  We should want people to be healthy and happy.  If you’ve made it this far, I’ll reveal to you why this is such a huge issue to me.  If you don’t already know, I almost died after I delivered my daughter.  I suffered from a rare condition known as HELLP syndrome.  If I were to choose to get pregnant again I have a roughly 1 in 4 chance of getting it again.  The death rate for HELLP syndrome is also approximately 1 in 4.  I could literally die if I were to get pregnant.  Obviously I take precautions to prevent that, but I have not had a tubal ligation yet.  Should my insurance-providing employer not cover contraceptives for me?

Everybody has a different story and a different reason for needing access to family planning services.  This issue is between a woman and her doctor.  This has nothing to do with religion.  Nobody has their rights violated just because a woman is given the type of medical care she needs and deserves.

Sustainable Sunday: Coconut Oil

If there is one product I absolutely could not live without, it is coconut oil.  I don’t think it has even been a year since I started using it, but I am so hooked on it.  It became an instant necessity once I bought my first jar.  It is such a versatile product that it should be considered a “must-have” by anybody interested in a sustainable lifestyle.  Here are just a few ways that coconut oil can be used.

Toothpaste:  I hate the taste of toothpaste.  I like Tom’s of Maine peppermint fluoride-free toothpaste, but that is the only one that doesn’t make me gag.  This DIY coconut oil based toothpaste tastes just like Tom’s of Maine’s peppermint toothpaste, but it is cheaper and contains 100% natural, safe ingredients.  I just take coconut oil and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio (usually 1 TBSP each) and mix it in a small container.  I then add peppermint essential oil to my taste preference, typically around 5 drops.  That’s it.  Easy peasy.  You may need to store it in the fridge if your bathroom gets hot though.  Coconut oil melts at temperatures above 74 degrees.

Moisturizer:  Apply to skin.  Seriously, that’s it.  It works better than lotion and doesn’t contain any questionable ingredients.  It may feel a little greasy if you aren’t used to using an oil-based moisturizer, but it makes your skin so soft.  I like to put it on my feet and then put socks on.  It’s a great way to keep feet looking and feeling nice even for hippies like me who are almost always barefoot or wearing flip-flops.

Shaving aid:  There are many recipes on the Internet about using coconut oil mixed with other ingredients such as shea butter to make DIY shaving cream.  I just rub it on my skin and shave.  It leaves my skin so soft when I’m done showering and shaving.

Conditioner: My hair is naturally a bit oily so I don’t use a lot of extra conditioning products, but when I do, I use coconut oil.  Until I recently got my haircut I had major split ends.  It had been probably six months since my last hair cut.  I already use coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer every morning so I would just rub the excess oil off my hands into my hair.  It helped keep my ends from looking frizzy.  Coconut oil is also a popular choice for deep-conditioning.  Once again, there are a lot of different recipes for this online, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t honestly recommend one over the other.

Chapstick replacement: Rub on your lips.  Done. Noticing a pattern here?

Cooking: Oh yeah.  Cooking.  The reason I first purchased coconut oil.  It is perfect for sauteing.  We don’t eat a lot of fried food, but when we do fry chicken or french fries, we use coconut oil.  Using it to fry can be expensive because it requires so much.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, it keeps me from eating too much fried food.  I also replace butter with coconut oil most of the time.  Occasionally, however, I just want to taste some real butter, but if you just need the butter for texture, coconut oil is a great replacement.  It makes baked goods especially moist when used to replace vegetable oil.  I screw up every single time I try to make popcorn on the stove, but TheAltDaddy uses coconut oil to make the perfect Black Jewell popcorn.

I hope this list has been helpful for you guys.  What do you use coconut oil for?