The Lion’s Gate Channeling

I haven’t channeled in forever. For weeks I’ve seen 111’s, 1111’s, and 444’s. I haven’t felt especially guided so I was confused. The numerical signs that have for so long reminded me that I was on the right path were appearing, but I did not feel that I was on any sort of path at all. Maybe there was no path because I was finally blazing my own trail.  I’ve been meditating on the Lion’s Gate opening. I longed to “feel” a part of something again.  I kept being drawn to places and times that felt so distant, yet right at home. I opened my heartmindbody to whatever the Universe would reveal to me.

I wrote a few words for some reason that I still can’t determine.  “I don’t believe in the transference of souls directly from body to body. The idea of the eternal, immutable soul fails to resonate. I believe our multiple lives arise out of the timeless nature of the atoms from which we are built.” Nothing special there, just a brief agnostic meditation.

Then the warm feeling. The tingles. The knowing that I’m simply a vessel through which this message must enter.  This is what my higher self wants me to share:

“Forged in the belly of creation herself, we are the cognition of the divine — little gods looking out from the inside.  Of course you feel connected to times and places you’ve never seen. They appear unrelated — all that which draws you in, but you see, beautiful one, everything connects.  You have always been.  Don’t cower from anything which ignites the flames of your passion for life.  Your cells are remembering, awakening, transforming.”

And it was gone. The perfectionist and the author in me are both having to release their frustrations over this seemingly incomplete paragraph.  All in divine timing, things will reveal themselves.


[February Update]

First off…. my apologies for making this blog a monthly thing! Working, starting a business from the ground-up, homeschooling, going to grad school, and being wifey/mommy leaves me with very little time!

I’ve got prices set for all of my products.  I’ll be ordering the rest of the containers I need and my label maker next week.  I expect Bruja Botanicals to be up and fully running within THREE WEEKS!! 😀

I will have several oil blends in roller bottles, sugar scrubs, bath salts, linen/body spray, and (hopefully… still finalizing the formula!) a beard/aftershave oil for my male customer.  I have poured my heart and soul into this business.  It’s my baby.  I am so excited to share with you all the same high-quality handcrafted products that I use at home with me and my family.

A quick [unpaid!] shout out to Mountain Rose Herbs!  I have been using them for all of my container and bulk herb needs.  They are one of the greatest companies that I have ever worked with.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


DISCLOSURE: Any posts on this blog may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase a product through an affiliate link I will receive a small portion of the profit.  All affiliate-earned income goes to Bruja Botanicals supplies and overhead.


I just wanted to give a quick update on how this week has been.  I’ve made a few essential oil rollerballs that have turned out great!  As far as the supplies for the actual products, I should be fully stocked within a week.  I still need to order labeling supplies and come up with a cute design for my Bruja Botanicals line of products.  I still see this getting done sometime around the first of the year.

That is about all there is to say on the business end of things.

Today I posted on the Alternative Mommies Facebook page that I didn’t think it was funny whenever people post photos of their children crying in Santa’s lap.  I always see those making the rounds during the holidays and I don’t find it to be anything more than exploitation of a scared child.  I believe the exact word used to describe ME, not my position, but me as a person was “sancticunt”.  So here I am defending children, being a voice for a group that can’t speak up, and I get attacked on a personal level.  I have no time for that.  Only the ignorant attack individuals because they can’t find fault in what the individual stands for.  I ended up banning the woman because I don’t tolerate people speaking to me or my readers like that.  Who has time for such negativity?

“Shoot First, Ask Later” and it’s effects on American culture

I used to wonder what was wrong with the generation younger than me.  They are so quick to grab a gun and shoot somebody.  In my own very small hometown there were two young people murdered by other young people within just a couple months apart from each other a few years back.  We all see the stories of school shooting on the news, and they seem to be happening more frequently.

I was thinking about this today in light of the whole Ferguson situation.  Then it occurred to me, young people today grow up in a society where the people they are supposed to respect are all enamored with their guns.  I can’t say how many times in the last year I’ve asked out loud “Why does a police officer have to use deadly force every time he feels threatened?”  If a person can’t disarm another by shooting them in a non-fatal way, then maybe we shouldn’t be spending our tax dollars giving them weapons and a free-pass to murder at will.

I grew up in a time when the assault weapons ban had bipartisan support.  Now even mention of outlawing excessive and unnecessary firearms and/or types and sizes of ammunition, and people start freaking out and yelling about communism.  As if a dictator would allow such words to be spoken publicly….

People are more concerned about their right to carry an AK-47 than they are about homeless and hungry children.  It sickens me.  There has not been one attempt to “take yer guns”, but Fox News would have you thinking something completely different.

It seems we have forgotten that having a gun doesn’t make a person big and bad.  Taking a life doesn’t make you a hero.  Until the adults, especially adults who are in the media or who have children, start acting responsible, sadly I fear that the young people who are growing up now are going to think that it is okay to grab a gun and start shooting anytime they feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Police officers need to do better.
Parents need to do better.
Politicians need to do better.

The Medicine Woman Got Sick

Around the time that I was starting the process of moving from my old blog to this one, I received an email from Energy BITS inquiring as to whether or not I would be interested in trying their Recovery BITS product.  I said yes thinking that I would use them as an immune supplement or that at the least I would have a good excuse to have a few glasses of wine because they are advertised as a whole-food supplement that be taken as a preventive measure, to combat an illness, or to avoid the tiredness, dehydration, and fatigue of a hangover.  Little did I know that I was about to come down with a nasty cold!


I originally reviewed Energy BITS back on my The Alt Mommy blog a couple years ago (http://thealtmommy.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/energybits-review-giveaway-and-discount-code/).  You can read all about them there!  Recovery BITS are a little different.  As I said, rather than just being for energy, they help your body to heal.  Like the original Energy BITS, the recovery BITS are also a food, not a supplement.  They can be taken after a workout to aid in recovery as well.

The recommended does is at least 30 tabs.  For my treatment protocol I took 30 tabs each morning for two days.  For the next two days I took a 40 tab dose of energy BITS.  Within three days my cold was completely gone!  I also used essential oils and organic garlic on my feet, but I have never had results like this!  I am still in awe of how quickly I recovered from my cold.

I recommend these to anybody looking for a healthy, whole-food way to help restore and recover your body.  I hope you will enter the rafflecopter giveaway, but even if you don’t end please head to http://www.energybits.com and enter in the promo code “BLOG” to get 10% your order.

I am having an awful time with my rafflecopter showing up on this page.  Please enter here —> http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/531ae29c1/

If you have any questions please let me know!



How do you do it?
When did you lose your passion, enthusiasm, and zest for life?
Can you help me lose mine too?

How are people content with being… content?  How do people go to a job they hate and still come home with the ability to put on a smile?  How do people manage to be okay with a life that lacks travel, mystery, and new experiences?

I am not made for this cage.
I need a life filled with passion.
I want to wake up on one continent and fall asleep on another.
I need to make a difference.
I need to feel like I have a purpose.
I need to allow my head to hit the pillow with such exhaustion that I never have trouble sleeping because my days are spent so full of adventure.

But society doesn’t allow that.

Brush your hair. Go to college. Get a good job. Color inside the lines.

But I hate the lines.  I just want them gone altogether.  A tiny prison to hold in all of the color that we should use to paint a lifelong masterpiece.

They always tell me to come down. Get my head out of the clouds.  They try to take my only escape.

So, please, will you show me how to give up so that I can be more like you?
A little more cold like you,
A little more dead like you.