[February Update]

First off…. my apologies for making this blog a monthly thing! Working, starting a business from the ground-up, homeschooling, going to grad school, and being wifey/mommy leaves me with very little time!

I’ve got prices set for all of my products.  I’ll be ordering the rest of the containers I need and my label maker next week.  I expect Bruja Botanicals to be up and fully running within THREE WEEKS!! 😀

I will have several oil blends in roller bottles, sugar scrubs, bath salts, linen/body spray, and (hopefully… still finalizing the formula!) a beard/aftershave oil for my male customer.  I have poured my heart and soul into this business.  It’s my baby.  I am so excited to share with you all the same high-quality handcrafted products that I use at home with me and my family.

A quick [unpaid!] shout out to Mountain Rose Herbs!  I have been using them for all of my container and bulk herb needs.  They are one of the greatest companies that I have ever worked with.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


DISCLOSURE: Any posts on this blog may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase a product through an affiliate link I will receive a small portion of the profit.  All affiliate-earned income goes to Bruja Botanicals supplies and overhead.


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