I just wanted to give a quick update on how this week has been.  I’ve made a few essential oil rollerballs that have turned out great!  As far as the supplies for the actual products, I should be fully stocked within a week.  I still need to order labeling supplies and come up with a cute design for my Bruja Botanicals line of products.  I still see this getting done sometime around the first of the year.

That is about all there is to say on the business end of things.

Today I posted on the Alternative Mommies Facebook page that I didn’t think it was funny whenever people post photos of their children crying in Santa’s lap.  I always see those making the rounds during the holidays and I don’t find it to be anything more than exploitation of a scared child.  I believe the exact word used to describe ME, not my position, but me as a person was “sancticunt”.  So here I am defending children, being a voice for a group that can’t speak up, and I get attacked on a personal level.  I have no time for that.  Only the ignorant attack individuals because they can’t find fault in what the individual stands for.  I ended up banning the woman because I don’t tolerate people speaking to me or my readers like that.  Who has time for such negativity?



  1. I’ve seen those pictures making the rounds too. I can’t believe that bitch called you santacunt. That is just wrong! People like that really get in my nerves. I don’t have time for that kind of bs either.


    1. I thought it was funny because I am not sanctimonious whatsoever. I’m all about people doing whatever works for their families so long as everybody is healthy and happy. Oh well, no sleep lost over her! I hate blocking people on any of my social media outlets because I do enjoy a healthy debate, but I draw the line at unfounded personal attacks.


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