“Shoot First, Ask Later” and it’s effects on American culture

I used to wonder what was wrong with the generation younger than me.  They are so quick to grab a gun and shoot somebody.  In my own very small hometown there were two young people murdered by other young people within just a couple months apart from each other a few years back.  We all see the stories of school shooting on the news, and they seem to be happening more frequently.

I was thinking about this today in light of the whole Ferguson situation.  Then it occurred to me, young people today grow up in a society where the people they are supposed to respect are all enamored with their guns.  I can’t say how many times in the last year I’ve asked out loud “Why does a police officer have to use deadly force every time he feels threatened?”  If a person can’t disarm another by shooting them in a non-fatal way, then maybe we shouldn’t be spending our tax dollars giving them weapons and a free-pass to murder at will.

I grew up in a time when the assault weapons ban had bipartisan support.  Now even mention of outlawing excessive and unnecessary firearms and/or types and sizes of ammunition, and people start freaking out and yelling about communism.  As if a dictator would allow such words to be spoken publicly….

People are more concerned about their right to carry an AK-47 than they are about homeless and hungry children.  It sickens me.  There has not been one attempt to “take yer guns”, but Fox News would have you thinking something completely different.

It seems we have forgotten that having a gun doesn’t make a person big and bad.  Taking a life doesn’t make you a hero.  Until the adults, especially adults who are in the media or who have children, start acting responsible, sadly I fear that the young people who are growing up now are going to think that it is okay to grab a gun and start shooting anytime they feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Police officers need to do better.
Parents need to do better.
Politicians need to do better.


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