The Medicine Woman Got Sick

Around the time that I was starting the process of moving from my old blog to this one, I received an email from Energy BITS inquiring as to whether or not I would be interested in trying their Recovery BITS product.  I said yes thinking that I would use them as an immune supplement or that at the least I would have a good excuse to have a few glasses of wine because they are advertised as a whole-food supplement that be taken as a preventive measure, to combat an illness, or to avoid the tiredness, dehydration, and fatigue of a hangover.  Little did I know that I was about to come down with a nasty cold!


I originally reviewed Energy BITS back on my The Alt Mommy blog a couple years ago (  You can read all about them there!  Recovery BITS are a little different.  As I said, rather than just being for energy, they help your body to heal.  Like the original Energy BITS, the recovery BITS are also a food, not a supplement.  They can be taken after a workout to aid in recovery as well.

The recommended does is at least 30 tabs.  For my treatment protocol I took 30 tabs each morning for two days.  For the next two days I took a 40 tab dose of energy BITS.  Within three days my cold was completely gone!  I also used essential oils and organic garlic on my feet, but I have never had results like this!  I am still in awe of how quickly I recovered from my cold.

I recommend these to anybody looking for a healthy, whole-food way to help restore and recover your body.  I hope you will enter the rafflecopter giveaway, but even if you don’t end please head to and enter in the promo code “BLOG” to get 10% your order.

I am having an awful time with my rafflecopter showing up on this page.  Please enter here —>

If you have any questions please let me know!



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