Sustainable Sunday

I’m going to be doing a new series called Sustainable Sunday on the blog.  Each week I’ll discuss a different topic related to living a sustainable lifestyle.

I didn’t plan on this idea, but it just sort of came into my mind and resonated really strongly with me.  Since it is already pretty late on Sunday evening I don’t have a big post for this week.

I do have a picture of today’s cucumber harvest though!

ImageTheAltDaddy picked 8 cucumbers today, and we have 2 more that will be ready tomorrow.  I’m trying to decide between making pickles or simply giving away a few.  I think I want to try to make my own pickles since I’ve never done that before.

You guys comment and let me know what topics you’d like to see covered in the future on Sustainable Sunday.



  1. Those cukes look awesome. I bought some at our little farmers’ market here in town, and I am going to make cucumber salad with sweet onions and lemon vinegar.

    Do you make soap? I saw your post on essential oils. Soap would be a great thing for Sustainable Sunday, because of the chemicals in soaps and body washes.


    1. Thank you! We ended up with a bit more than we could eat so we ended making four jars of pickles and sharing them with my husband’s co-workers. Our cucumber harvest has been awesome this.

      I haven’t made soap yet, but it is on the list of things I want to incorporate to make my lifestyle more sustainable. 🙂


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