I Need You Guys Help!

I’ve been interested in essential oils to some degree for years, but recently I’ve become very passionate about them.  I’ve used them on myself and my family with great results.  I am a firm believer in the power of essential oils.  Over the last few days I’ve found myself recommending essential oils to local people who I do not know particularly well.  Unfortunately there is no local source to purchase essential oils and receive accurate information about their use.  I would be honored to provide such a service to my community.

I’m currently raising funds to help purchase my initial starter kit to become a doTERRA consultant.  If you believe in the power of essential oils (or just want to help a poor girl out!) please consider donating.


I will be doing consultations (in person for locals, via phone or Internet if you don’t live nearby) to all donors to share more information about essential oils.  No pressure to buy anything.  I just love spreading this information regardless of where or even if you purchase your products.  The main reason I need this kit is so I can allow people with no experience with essential oil to sample the oils before deciding to purchase.

I will also be doing a special prize for the top three donors.  This could be something like a homemade sugar scrub or room refreshing spray.  It could also be some other custom beauty or household product.  The prizes will be determined after I speak with the highest donors to find out a little more about what they would be interested in receiving.

Thanks in advance!



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