Review of “The No Mess No Fuss Method of Making DIY Laundry Detergent”

This recipe originally comes from Wake Up World.  The recipe is as follows:

3 tablespoons Borax (such as Twenty Mule Team)
3 tablespoons Washing Soda (such as Arm & Hammer)
2 tablespoons Liquid Dish Soap (such as Dawn)
8 cups water – preferably filtered


Find yourself a 1/2 gallon container such as a clean juice bottle that has been repurposed.  Get out a funnel and add the borax and washing soda followed by 2 cups of boiling water.  Give it all a good shake until the powdered ingredients are dissolved.

Add the liquid dish soap and swish it around until the brew is well mixed.”

I first made this laundry detergent for a demonstrative speech I did for class.  I followed the directions exactly and used an old oxyclean container to store it in.  I LOVE it.  My husband is an industrial electrician so his clothes can be pretty dirty when he works.  This recipe works great.  If the load is particularly nasty I’ll add a little extra borax and/or washing soda, but for the most part this recipe works GREAT.

Now I know liquid dish soap isn’t all natural.  I’m not claiming this as one of my hippie brews.  This is more about saving money than anything for me.  I do feel comfortable saying it is better than the commercial stuff though because there isn’t any packaging waste.



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