DIY Hand Sanitizer

I vaguely remember writing down these instructions.  I do recall thinking that I’d have to wait until I used all of the commercially produced hand sanitizer I have at home so I could use the bottle.  I don’t use hand sanitizer that often because I’m really concerned about antibiotic resistance, especially since my child contracted MRSA earlier this year.  I still haven’t finished off that bottle of hand sanitizer sitting on my window-sill, but I think I’m just going to discard the contents and save the container.  I really want to try this recipe out.

2/3 Cup of rubbing alcohol
1/3 Cup of Aloe Vera gel
~10 drops of essential oil for fragrance

Mix together and pour into repurposed container.

Sounds simple enough.  I may make this in the morning before I have to work.  No promises though because I also have to make some fabric softener.  The itchy stiff shirt I’m currently wearing is serving as a reminder that the lack of fabric softener in my house is officially a MAJOR problem.  Either way, I’ll make some before the weekend is over.  I’ll post a review when it’s done.


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