Full Moon Energy? Maybe.

I think it’s the full moon.  I could be the impending New Year.  It could be the meds I took for my toothache.  Whatever it is, it’s kicking me in the ass and telling me that it is time to organize.

I have a plethora of valuable information crammed into notebooks, bookmarks, documents, and random scraps of paper.  This information is, of course, helping nobody because I can’t ever recall where it is located.  I seem to lack the natural inclination towards technology that my peers all have.  I’m old school.  If something isn’t on pen-and-paper, it may as well not exist in my world.  (Ironically, I’ve documented the last ten years of my life [off-and-on], on the Internet. But that’s a story for another day…)

I have come up with a plan of sorts though.  I’m going to write down all of the recipes, lists, and instructions to put in a binder with nice tabbed dividers.  But I don’t see myself carrying a binder with me at all times.  (Although I am considering making a copy of everything to keep one in my car).  I’ve also decided to type up all of my random notes to this blog and tag them to match the dividers in my binder (Errr, the binder I’m purchasing in the morning…)

This is a good thing for anybody who reads this.  I’ll have lots of handy dandy information to post.

I don’t want to say this before I make even one post!!  A lot of these are notes I scribbled down without necessarily documenting the source. If anybody sees something that doesn’t have a source noted and knows where the information came from, feel free to comment.  I would prefer to give credit where it is due.  Of course, if the information does contain the source, I’ll post that as well.



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